{mesh top: missguided, dress: zalora, mules: zara}

this trip back to vietnam was very emotional for me. this was the first time i had visited with my dad in over 10 years. going there as a teenager vs being there now as an adult and learning about his past gave me so much more appreciation for my parents. my entire family made something literally out of nothing. they escaped war-torn vietnam and i feel blessed every day for the opportunities that have been given to me because of the sacrifices they made. in this era where immigration issues are a hot political topic, i can't help but empathize on such an emotional level, especially after this trip.

the mekong delta is a very historic part of vietnam. the area played a pivotal part during the war and going here was an enlightening experience. my boyfriend (obviously) is not vietnamese, so sharing this with him meant the world to me. i'm really looking forward to coming back here again, next time with even more family.