let me just start off by saying that moving is a bitch - an exciting, one that gives you the opportunity to redecorate and start fresh - but a bitch none the less. i've been dying to post these photos for some time, but the minute i got back to the US i have hit the ground running working on both home and professional projects that have monopolized all of my free time. but finalllyyyyyy i get to share this with the world.

THE MOTHERLAND! vietnam, my people!! i was looking forward to this trip for months. i've been to vietnam several times, but this was actually the first time visiting with my dad since i was a child. vietnam is a radically ever changing place. i use the word radical because it's been different EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. i have visited. and not just a little different - COMPLETELY. the vietnam i visited when i grew up, the vietnam i saw 4 years ago and the vietnam i saw recently were all different. but the one thing that hasn't changed are the people, the liveliness of the cities, and the bomb ass food. 

my only complaint about this trip (and i will try to keep this rant very short) was my luggage NEVER made it onto my flight! considering everyone hates United right now, i may as well jump on the bandwagon. all my things - my clothes, my makeup, my shoes, my thoughtful gifts i was dying to give my dad after being separated for so long - were sitting on a tarmac for two days before United even bothered shipping my items to me. we spent HOURS. HOURSSSSSS on the phone, DAYS of calling them, complaining, trying to get answers and trying to get reimbursed for BASIC necessities (you can't leave a girl without pants and eyebrow filler for a week, that's just cruel!!!). It took two days for them to even figure out when the hell I would get my stuff. my things arrived the day before our trip was over. i only have one outfit post because of it (which I will post later this week), but that's alright. in the end at least my things were returned to me, and i was still able to enjoy an amazing trip with my spouse and my father. no thanks to you United (insert inappropriate hand emoji).

hipster shit in saigon, who would've ever guessed

secret passage to a craft brewing company. i wasn't joking about the seriously hipster shit!

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