the singles guide to valentine's day


as some of you know, a couple months ago, i went through a pretty difficult breakup. getting out of a four year relationship wasn't easy, but time heals all wounds. valentine's day is right around the corner and instead of moping about how alone i am, i've been making an active effort in my life to stay positive and happy. i mean, what good does crying do for you?? so, i thought it'd be nice to write a guide for anyone that's spending this holiday alone, with their single friends, or for whatever reason, without their significant other.

don't be bitter! do not sit at home watching rom coms eating a tub of ice cream. i cannot stress this enough, it is not cute. sulking will get you no where while bringing unnecessary negative energy into your life. yes, love is a great thing, but it will come and go. in the meantime don't be upset about those that do have it and be grateful for the love that already exists in your life.

treat yourself if you want flowers on valentine's day, get yourself flowers. chocolates? buy a box. there's nothing wrong with treating yourself so you can feel special. it's only weird if you obsess over it. on days where my confidence is low, i wear an outfit that has me literally overdressed for everything. make it a point to feel good on this day.

make plans whatever you do, plan something and actually enjoy yourself. go ice skating, watch a movie, have drinks with your friends or even opt for having a nice dinner with your parents (which is not lame at all, cause that's exactly what i'll be doing). have a singles party and have your friends bring someone else that is also unattached. go out to a bar, cause you know that's where all the other broken hearts will be. just make plans and have a good time.