{top: zara, pants: vintage, mules: zara}

the hardest part about blogging? convincing my boyfriend to take pictures of me. he's not a photographer by trade - he's actually not artsy at all. his idea of being creative is switching up how he takes his eggs in the morning. so getting him to take photos of me is always, always ALWAYS a pain. it's mostly me just nagging him until he can't take it anymore. but one day as we were walking through the greenway in boston, in a very, VERY rare moment, he offered to take pictures for me. 

normally, i direct the sh*t out of him - can you move here, can you do that, the lighting isn't right, no take it again (i usually say this 100 times). but since he was so kind to offer, i let him take the lead. I must say, he did a pretty damn good job! i'll make an instagram husband out of him yet. 

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